Selected Projects

Passive House Projects / LEED Certification

Indigo Villas in Whistler, BC

PHPP modelling and certification support for two multi-unit residential buildings by DVAD Inc.

Indigo Villas, Whistler BC


Passive House with secondary suite in Vancouver, BC

PHPP modelling and certification support for project by One SEED Architecture + Interiors Inc.
Passive House Vancouver

For more details see project documentation.

The project was presented at BUILDEX 2016:
T03 – Successful Integrated Passive House Buildings

The project will be presented at the 20th International Passive House Conference, April 2016 in Darmstadt, Germany:
Session 12: Passive Houses in North America and cold climates


Triplex in Nakusp, BC

PHPP modelling using the latest DesignPH plugin to facilitate real time iterative design process. Certification support.

For details see project documentation.
Nakusp Passivehouse Triplex SketchUp DesignPH


Single family Passive House in Kimberley, BC

PHPP modelling. Certification support.

Kimberly Passivehouse


Single family Passive House in Smithers, BC

PHPP modelling for project by Cover Architectural Collaborative Inc.

Harrmann Consulting | Smithers Passive House


Passive House Triplex in Nelson, BC

System design services and PHPP modelling for Passive House certification for project by Cover Architectural Collaborative Inc.

Bedford Roadhouse Passivhaus | Harrmann Consulting

For more details about the project see project documentation:
International Passive House Database

Canadian Green Building Council
Net Zero Flipbook by NAPHN

The project was presented at the 19th International Passive House Conference, April 2015 in Leipzig, Germany: André Harrmann, Lukas Armstrong | A Multi-Generation Triplex Passive House in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The project was also be presented at BUILDEX 2015: T21 – Passive House Case Studies

Certified Passive House by Dr. Wolfgang FeistCertified Passive House
by Dr. Wolfgang Feist
Passive House Institute


Passive House, Half Moon Bay, Sunshine Coast, BC

PHPP modelling using the latest DesignPH plugin to facilitate real time iterative design process. Certification support.



Passive House Residence in Whistler, BC

Peer review of PHPP model and project support.



Low Energy Building in Kaslo, BC

Peer review of PHPP model.
Kalso Low Energy Building | Harrmann Consulting


Passive House in Sechelt, BC

Peer review of PHPP model.
Sechelt Passive House | Harrmann Consulting


Passive House on Bowen Island, BC

Peer review of PHPP model and design support for project by Brett Sichello Design.


Vancouver’s First Passive House, Vancouver, BC

Technical support for Passive House project by DLP Architecture.


LEED Certification – Park Place, Vancouver, BC

Project Management for LEED certification.
In July 2012, Park Place became the first office tower in downtown Vancouver to achieve LEED EB O&M Gold certification.


LEED Feasibility Studies, Canada

LEED-EB Feasibility Studies, LEED credit documentation and other evaluation services for several properties in British Columbia and Alberta.

Project Management

UBC IONA Building, Vancouver BC, Canada

The project is to convert the IONA building located at the University of British Columbia (UBC) from its previous use for the Vancouver School of Theology (VST) to the new intended use for the Vancouver School of Economics (VSE), Student Housing and Hospitality Services (SHHS), and other UBC user groups.

UBC Geography Building Repairs and Upgrades, Vancouver BC, Canada

Work included perimeter foundation and rainwater leader piping, new foundation waterproofing, building envelope repairs, structural repairs and upgrades to accommodate new rolling library shelving system, interior and exterior architectural finishes, and landscaping.

UBC Hot Water District Energy System, Vancouver BC, Canada

Replacement of existing steam heating infrastructure including installation of 3km underground pre-insulated piping system and energy transfer stations in several buildings.

UBC Waste Heat Recovery Station at Bio-Energy Research and Development Facility (BRDF), Vancouver BC, Canada

New wood structure with metal cladding, mechanical installation including heat exchanger, pumps and controls adjacent to existing BRDF facility.

UBC Seismic Risk Mitigation, Vancouver BC, Canada

Scope development and implementation of seismic upgrades in several buildings on campus.

North Shore Credit Union, Whistler BC, Canada

Project Manager with General Contractor for phased tenant improvement.
New energy efficient heating, cooling and lighting systems were installed.

UBC Buchanan Block B, Vancouver BC, Canada

Project management with General Contractor for Renew of heritage academic building.
The project has received LEED Gold Certification by the Canada Green Building Council and included new energy efficient HVAC and lighting systems and building envelope upgrades.

U.S. Facilities, Germany

Project Manager and Quality Control Manager for numerous renovation and new construction projects with U.S. military installations and consulates throughout Germany.

Franckestraße 5, 8 and 11, Leipzig, Germany

Design and construction management for major upgrades, including deep energy retrofits of three multifamily buildings built in 1910.

Education / Outreach / Website Development

Passive House Training

Instructor with UBC Continuing Studies for the Sustainability Management program:
Passive House Design and Construction

Instructor with Canadian Passive House Institute (CanPHI-West)

Guest lecturer at Langara College and other organizations in Canada

Das Haus Tour

Technical consulting services for a traveling pavilion on a North American tour and ongoing international dialogue about advanced technologies for energy efficient construction and solar energy use. The pavilion, built according to Passive House Standards, featured a highly insulated envelope, a heat recovery ventilation system (HRV), and triple-pane windows.

CanPHI Spring Symposium 2014 | Institutional Passive House

Facilitated and organized this event focused on cost-effective strategies for radically reducing energy consumption in schools and university buildings.

CanPHI Conference | Passive House North 2013

Organizing committee member for the North American conference dedicated to cost-effective strategies for reducing building energy in cool climates.


SiOCan | SiOfoam Foam Glass Gravel

Website development and photos for foam glass insulation products.
Foam Glass Gravel - Canada -- Harrmann Passive House Consulting


Northwin | Windows and Doors

Website development and research for certified Passive House windows:
Harrmann Passive House Consultant - Northwin windows